Are you ready to shift how you show up for yourSelf?


You are your own guide.

You hold the answers that you are seeking.

You have the wisdom to create more joy, love + connection.

Everything you've been looking for is already within you.  


group offerings

essential medicine

Cultivate and nourish a spiritual practice by drawing on Earth and plant medicine, stone allies, altar making and ritual. 

Essential Medicine is a 8 week long experience to explore, study, and integrate a spiritual practice into your every day.

Registration is open. We begin October 22.

A program for the woman who is ready to create a morning practice. A group offering where you'll explore techniques and practices that will allow you to show up your family, your community and most of all You.

90 day butterfly effect


Registration opens november 2018

work with me 1-on-1

Together we will explore ways for you to align with your own inner knowing, your own truth, your own wisdom. Meditation, movement, essential oils, earth medicine, ritual and Kundalini yoga are some of the tools we may explore. Each session you will set an intention as you make steps towards reclaiming your sacred Self.

Radiant Morning


This is for the woman who is ready to make a radical change in her life by reclaiming her morning. An offering committed to supporting you in creating a morning ritual to honour and nourish your true Self.

sacred medicine

For the woman curious about expanding her understanding and experience with the sacred, wanting to honour a period of transformation, growth or celebration. Sacred Medicine offers a bespoke ritual to hold yourSelf in divine love.


For the woman who is ready to expand into her most sacred, true Self by harnessing her inner wisdom + knowing. These one-on-one sessions draw on practices + techniques to support you in taking responsibility for your internal healing.


Created to honour and celebrate a woman through transformative journeys such as Motherhood, marriage, new ventures. Custom gatherings that merge celebration, ritual, ceremony and connection. 


This is a wonderful opportunity to explore working together. If you'd like to book a complimentary Discovery Session, please book an appointment here. These sessions are open to new clients. Sessions are 30 minutes.

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