You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.
— John C. Maxwell

Radiant Morning is designed for the woman who is ready to reclaim her life by reclaiming her day. Through guided practices and mentorship you'll design and implement a set of daily rituals. These practices will tether you to your best Self as you devote yourSelf to your ideal life.

You'll explore different forms of meditation, movement, mantra and writing practices. These sacred rituals and practices will calm you, teach you to be present, energize your body, sharpen your mind and support you in moving your life forward.

Your stress level will be lower.

You will feel calmer.

You will respond instead of reacting.

You will feel happier.

Your commitment to your own growth + development will become a model of behaviour for those around you. Not only will you benefit, but your family, your colleagues, your friends and your community will feel the impact of the changes you are making.

These sessions require that you show up for You. They require commitment + honesty. They invite you to say Yes to yourSelf first. They ask you to be open + curious.

Radiant Morning is designed to support you in creating + developing a daily practice to support you in leading your ideal life. It is an invitation to say yes to you, to be of service to yourself before you serve others, to come back to you each and every day.

What is included in Radiant Morning:

4 x 90 minute sessions to explore practices + tune into what you need to start your day.

3 x 30 minute sessions to check-in + fine tune.

Recordings of techniques such as meditation, journey work or movement practices.

A gift to support integration.

Weekly email prompts and support.

Personal and customized morning practice.


The Details:

In-person conversations take place over Zoom video conferencing. All calls are recorded for your convenience.

Sessions may be rescheduled with 24 hours notice. Refunds cannot be applied to workshops, sessions or programs. 


investment $780 CAD

Payment Plan Available 3 payments of $267.
Please note payment plans include an 5% administration fee.

Jennie has a soft, grounding energy and her passion for this work shines bright. She shared how the work has completely changed her life. 

Mishka Ma

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