tiny acts of ritual: journaling on the change of season

There are many teachings of the Fall season. Often times we get caught up in the energy of harvest time, reaping what we sowed and celebrating abundance. While there is much wisdom in this, it can be helpful to remember that it's also a time for renewing the soil. Every good farmer and gardener knows that sometimes the whole crop needs to be burned or dug up to revitalize depleted nutrients in the soil. There are years when the harvest is not bountiful - and these times can sometimes be an opportunity to ask:

  • What am I cultivating?

  • Where am I depleted?

  • What needs to be revitalized?

This practice of journaling and self-inquiry can awaken us to the areas that are no longer 'growing corn' - areas that are no longer fueling our passions or feeding our dreams.

Get curious about what comes up and take this time of darker mornings and cooler evenings to sit with what you uncover. There is wisdom in this change of season and it is asking you to look inward.

Jennie AlexisComment