transformational teachings + kundalini yoga

I recently completed the Aquarian Luminosity Lifestyle training under the guidance of Tiaga Prem and Sarah Jade through The Dharma Temple in Vancouver.

This training was transformative for me and many of my fellow students. Not only am I more steady in how I show up I am also more confident, have greater clarity and trust my intuition.

I've outlined the key lessons I learned this past year, ones that I know I'll carry with me for the rest of my life. These aren't lessons about where to place your arm or the history of yoga or an understanding of the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine. These are teachings of a much greater proportion. I believe that these are teachings that have the capacity to make an impact on our community:

You will be encouraged to look at every aspect of your life through a lens of curiosity, instead of judgment. There's enough duality in the world. How refreshing to return to the curiosity of a child!?!

You will be surrounded by people who are genuinely interested in seeing you show up as You. And when you don’t show up as you, they’ll love you deeper, extend their hand and say ‘shall we get a smoothie?'

You will learn how to be a teacher to yourself first enabling you to then be a teacher to your community. This one has nothing to do with leading a class.

You will come to learn the value of self-devotion. This might be the most important lesson of your life.

You will learn what it really means to have a self-care practice. Spoiler: It doesn’t include pedicures but might mean getting up at 5.30am.

You will be invited to look at yoga as a way of being instead of exercise. There’s a pretty good chance that this one will land you in some interesting conversations with your yogi/spiritual friends.

You will be poked and provoked. This will be annoying, but worth the discomfort.

You will confront that which is standing in your way. And then you’ll learn that there’s a kriya for that.

You will experience what it means to elevate yourself. This leads to reason 10, which you’ll realize is why you’re here.

You will experience how it feels to elevate others. Of all the reasons, this one will probably be the one you are most proud of. It will be this reason where you’ll begin to see how much you’ve come home to yourSelf. It'll also feel the best.

This was more than a training to teach or lead or learn about yoga. This program is an invitation to say Yes to yourSelf, to your infinite worth, to your Divinity, to your True Nature, your Sat Nam. And when we learn to turn inward, then we are never without knowledge, wisdom and friendship.

To learn more about Kundalini Yog, join me Wednesdays 6pm at The Dharma Temple or message me!

To learn more about the Aquarian Luminosity program, visit the studio or read about it here.

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