tiny acts of ritual: cooling summer mist

The summer heat is a blessing as it creates an environment for food, flowers, plants and beings to grow. It can also be overwhelming for some of us.

When the heat gets to be too much, I turn to plant medicine specifically essential oils to support me. Incorporating the oils into my daily practice and working with them intentionally has been powerful medicine. They are gifts from the Earth and I believe Her invitation is for us to work with them, honour them and allow them to support our healing. 

This is my recipe for a cooling summer mist. I suggest keeping this bottle near you and using it as often as you like for a refreshing, cooling and delicious olfactory experience.

5 drops Helichrysum
10 drops Lavender
10 drops Eucalyptus
15 drops Peppermint

Add 1ml of Witch Hazel and fill with spring water in a 3 ounce spray bottle.

Helichrysum helps to soothe and heal the skin from too much sun. Heli is from the Greek word helios for Sun and chrysum from the Greek word chrysos, gold. In my opinion, this oil is pure gold and one of my go-tos for skin care and healing scar tissue.

Lavender is the Swiss Army of oils. It is most commonly associated as being a soothing scent to support sleep, but lavender is also an amazing healing oil and in this blend additionally adds a lovely scent.

Eucalyptus is a natural deodorant and has a cooling effect. It can also support respiratory discomfort, which can occur in hot weather. People often note that the scent of eucalyptus reminds them of the spa.

Peppermint is invigorating and cooling. It's scent helps to wake up the brain and it creates a cooling sensation on the skin. The number of drops can be adjusted in this spray depending on how cooling or invigorating you'd like the spray. Watch the eyes as peppermint can sting.

As you spray this mist around your head and body, bless yourSelf and inhale deeply. Notice how the senses respond. See if you can distinguish each scent. Bring to mind the medicine of each plant. Enjoy the experience.

May this recipe and summer time ritual be of service.

To learn more about the oils or to bring these into your home, please message me. You can read more about essential oils here.

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