weird times call for weird measures

We live in very strange times.

Each morning I seem to wake up to news that feels heavy, dark and overwhelming. Many of my friends have expressed feeling the same way. This feeling that 'I am not doing enough. I should do more. I could do more. I don't know what to do.' has been a common discussion.

Here's what I know for sure:

We need to start at home. Not in our physical homes necessarily, but our body temple, our spiritual home, our mind home, our energetic home. We need to start with our piece of Earth, our piece of Stardust.

We must first tend to our own soil and learn the ways of love. As we learn and grow into this knowing, we are better equipped to respond with love instead of reacting with fear.

Fear is how we repeat history. Love is how we heal into the future.

This is how we begin to turn the dial. It's not going to happen all at once and it will be slow, painful, overwhelming. But the invitation is this: How can I love myself today so that I can love others?

This is in part why I practice Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan first things in the morning. As Guru Jagat points out weird times call for weird measures. Sometimes this practice of yoga can seem a bit strange, sort of how asana based practices must have looked in the 1920's when Yogananda came to the US. What this practice does do is move and connect our bodies in new and different ways than we are accustomed. In doing so, we create new neuropathways, strengthen the nervous and endocrine system, and connect with the neutral mind. And when we connect with the neutral mind we can hear the voice that knows what is best for us.

Kundalini yoga doesn't have to take hours to practice. Sure there are teachers and students who have robust devotional practices, but the beauty of this type of yoga is that it is fast and effective. Depending on what's going on for me physically or emotionally, my practice is anywhere between 15 minutes and 1 hour. 

It's been less than 2 years since I was introduced to this practice by a good friend. It has changed how I show up for myself, my family, my community.

In the span of this time I have developed a daily practice of yoga. Sometimes that looks like a 30-45 minute set of exercises, sometimes it looks like 11 minutes of breathing.

Here's the thing that Kundalini yoga invites and offers:
-Show up as your best. That might not be the same every day and that's okay. Just keep showing up.
-Regular practice creates fast results.
-You'll have an experience that will open you up. Get curious.
-Everything you need is within you. Start and the pressure is off.

If you think that you cannot do yoga because you don't have time, you aren't flexible, your body hurts [insert any other reason], I encourage you to try Kundalini. If you can breathe, you can do this practice. You do not need to be flexible. You do not need to be able to twist your body. You do not need tight fitting yoga pants.

You just need to show up and try.

All the shame and playing small that was created through my many years of dance training doesn't show up when I practice Kundalini. The little girl who just wanted to move her body, be silly, be creative and FEEL shows up every single time. She's spectacular.

Join me Monday mornings at 7am at The Dharma Temple on Main Street in Vancouver, or message me for a private in-person or live Zoom class.

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