tiny acts of ritual: morning coffee or tea

Here's a small act of devotion you can experiment with. If you try this, please share in the comments or email me directly:

Before you go to bed, layout all of the items you need for coffee, tea or alternative beverage. Consider putting the milk and sugar in pretty bowls and laying out a placemat or small cloth where you drink your morning cup.

When you wake give thanks to the water as you pour it into the kettle, thank the coffee growers and pickers as you grind the beans, or steep the tea leaves. Thank the cows and farmers for the milk and sugar.

Pour your drink into a beautiful mug. Take time to smell the aroma, feel the heat from the mug between your hands

As you sip on your beverage, drink from the heart to the lips, holding the cup as though it were a precious heirloom. Drinking in this fashion creates an energetic connection between the beverage and the body.

If you usually drink your coffee or tea as you're running out the door, consider waking up 5-10 minutes earlier.

Over time and with practice this tiny act of devotion will have an impact on your day! 

Jennie AlexisComment