tips on using the Desire Map planner

Over the last three years, the Desire Map Planner has become a tool I use to support my work, my dreams and keep me aligned with my Core Desired Feelings. Below are my three tips on how to use this planner:

1. Allow the planner to support you in whatever way you need this year.

If you are moving towards a goal that requires many steps and tasks to be completed, then use the planner to keep you organized while helping you to keep front of mind your WHY and how you want to feel through the process.

If you are want to use the planner as a means to support your spiritual journey, then the planner is a great way to ensure you are creating space in your day to experience how you want to feel.

My 2016 planner is full of quotes, photographs and inspiring images. Last year's planner has appointments, tasks, ideas and progress markers which I needed to start and grow my business.

2. Write down your Core Desired Feelings every day.

Writing down how you want to feel each day changes the sound current in your head, heart and body. You will intuitively begin to make decisions and choices based on how you want to feel. The trick is the repetition each day to trigger and engrain this information into your Self and your body.

If you've moved through the practice of the Desire Map, then you know your CDFs. If you haven't, that's okay! I encourage you to take a workshop, buy the book or seek the support of a facilitator (more on that here).  If this practice isn't available to you right now, I would encourage you to make a big list of how you want to feel in your life. Each week or so, choose 1-2 words and get curious. Explore and play with how you could incorporate those feelings in your life. Write them in your planner every day. Over time you will gain clarity as to which feelings resonated, and which ones didn't.

3. Create a practice around using your planner.

Creating space and putting aside time in your day to use the planner is when you'll begin to experience shifts. Make a cup of tea, light a candle, put on your favourite music. All you need is 5 minutes. That's right, only 5 minutes!

The prompts and lists can be filled in rapid-fire as a means to build trust with your intuition, or you can spend more time pondering each one. Either way dedicating a few minutes each day to using your planner is time well spent.

As you use the planner over the coming days, weeks and months you are creating a time capsule, a diary, an oeuvre of your year. The pocket is a ideal place to keep treasured letters, photographs or cards. Make it yours.


At the end of the day, there is no way you can do it wrong. If you miss a day, just start again! Use the blank pages for notes, idea, photographs, drawings, quotes or write-in what you did or didn't feel that day. 

So let this beautiful planner support and guide you. Carve out time to spend writing in the prompts and dreaming about how you are creating your ideal life. And whatever you do, desire on Mama.