dear 2017

Dear 2017,

Oh sweet, sweet year. I really loved you.

You pushed me and pulled me and held me down and lifted me up. You asked me to reacquaint myself with my body, to listen, to honour, to move, to sit in stillness.

You offered teachers who elevated me and held me when I couldn't hold myself. You showed me new horizons of friendship.

You allowed me to trip and fall, then you provided me with opportunities to stand tall.

You brought me closer to my light and showed me how to shine so that other could benefit and see their own radiance.

You had me on my knees crying and feeling sadness that lingered. You showed me my past so that I could see how far I've come.

You asked me to look at my community. Closely. You took me on adventures to places I've never been.

You brought my favourite women together in one place more than once.

Together, we really celebrated the last year of this decade.

You challenged the world to persist, resist and then stand together, to LOVE. You asked each of us to stand in our power and and our grace and to say that it's not okay to say, act or do things that hold others down.

You held onto some amazing artists.

You gave my friends union and family and babies. You gave me time with little people, train rides, forest walks, birthday celebrations and walks in parades.

It wasn't always smooth sailing, nor would I have expected it to be. I'm grateful.

I think we did well together. You, me, 365 days, full and new moons, retrogrades and transits, high and low tides, stars and rain falls, sunshine and open roads.

Thank you longtime,


Jennie AlexisComment