my north

The love comes pouring out of me. You are the beacon that called me to shore. I wasn't sure of the path until you shined the light. Until you showed me the depth of the journey. You are the lighthouse that guided me into shore. Your role was to show me new horizons. Oh what a gift that is, was and always will be. This new land. Deep. Green. Dry. Love. Full. Laughter. Sigh. Fullness. This land that gives more than I could imagine. This land that is the thing we all seek in our travels. Joy and happiness. Love and fulfillment. Holding space. You are my one true thing. My north. Pointing me towards who I am and lighting the way to freedom. Questioning the beauty, the timing, the knowingness of the universe. Yes to it all. In faith my love. In faith I fall before you and say, thank you.