how i want to feel this december

I'm writing this on a rather dreary, rainy November day.  I love days like this.  They give me a good excuse to cozy up with a new book, watch a movie, try a new recipe or write in my journal or blog.  Today I spent part of the morning with two of my nearest and dearest, and my 4 month old nephew.  We chatted about family, projects, challenges and celebrated recent successes (including the baby sleeping in his new crib!).  Every opportunity I have to spend with these incredible women, I feel connected to myself and deeply honoured for the gift of their friendship.  And the way I felt today really got me thinking about how I want to feel this December.

I want to feel Connected. Ease. Light. Grateful. Peaceful.  So what will I do to feel this way? 

  • Ensure I take the time for my morning practice.

    • What I know for sure is that I feel best when I've risen early (5.30/6.00am is ideal), meditated, done some living room yoga, walked my dog, written in my Desire Map journal and prepared a hearty, healthy breakfast.

  • Drink more water.

    • Water is life.  The more I drink the more energy I have and the easier it is for this energy to move through my body.  It uplifts my mood. It nourishes my skin. It refreshes my body.

  • Listen to my body.

    • What does my body need right now? Food? Rest? Water? A hot bath? A good book? A walk?  This is a new practice for me, so will require patience.

  • Give the gift of words.

    • I love to write and I find it easiest to express the deep love I have for people through words.  "People will always remember how you made them feel..." and this is an opportunity for me to practice this.

  • Take a time out!

    • Truth be told? I have a short temper and can be very impatient.  And it's basically the opposite of how I want to feel.  So this year, I'm going to take a deep breath, walk away, take a nap, take a walk, dive into a book, call a friend or just chill out!  And I'm going to ask my family to hold me accountable to this.

  • Move my body in a way that feels good.

    • During my trip earlier this fall I realized that I can do some basic yoga and stretching in the morning in my living room, and that it makes a huge difference to how I feel in my body and my spirit.  I always do my best thinking when I'm walking, and some times a good case of FOMO means that I limit my walks with the kid.  But I know that it's important to get out with her on my own and let the ideas download and the less useful thoughts pass by.  Six feet, two heartbeats.

This is a practice.  It's not something to be mastered or perfected or learned.  It's a practice that requires a commitment to myself and to my tribe.  If I feel better, then the experiences and memories I will create with my people during the holiday season will allow us all to connect more authentically.  That's not to say there won't be the occasional slammed door or bicker, but my intention this month is to bring my best self to the table (along with veggie roast and mushroom gravy).  This is really the best gift I can give to myself and my family.