anything but calm...always beautiful

Have you ever noticed how calm the water looks from above?  It always strikes me as strange. When I'm close to the water it is anything but calm.  The movement of the waves, the wind creating white caps, the life living below in the depths.  It all seems slightly unnerving.

And I think our lives are like this as well.

When we look at someone's life from afar it looks ideal and calm. Beautiful and full. But the fact is that most of us are not experiencing life the way that others perceive it.  Most of the time there are elements that are creating waves in our experience.  And like the ocean or a lake, the real treasure and beauty is not always at the surface, but within the deepest part of who we are.  In fact, I would argue that our magnificence lies in the depths of our hearts, souls and minds.

What I have noticed recently is that more and more of the people that I follow on social, connect with in-person and who are a part of my tribe are offering up those deeper parts.  While many of them are leading incredibly rich, fulfilling lives, they are also creating the space to share what's not working, their frustrations, their heartbreak - their vulnerability.

Maybe this is something I'm noticing more frequently because I too am trying to talk more openly and more often about my own experiences. And what I'm finding in doing so is that people are grateful in the knowledge that they are not alone in their struggles.

It is such a relief to read about the experiences of other women and how they are navigating their daily lives. It's comforting to see or hear the words of women and to feel connected with them. Because after all isn't a sense of connection what we truly want to experience?

Jennie Alexis