5 questions to close 2016 . . . and open the portal to 2017

The days between Christmas and New Year's Day have this special kind of energy.  I always feel a deep desire to hide from the world, from social engagements, get cozy and get quiet.  So I am. 


For the last few year's I have generally dedicated most of this week to taking a look at the past year and asking what I want to create in the coming year.  This has resulted in some pretty exciting adventures and new experiences, as well as pride in what I've accomplished.


Inspired by a Danielle LaPorte blog post from 2015 and one she posted a few days ago, I'm taking some time review 2016 and focus in on 2017. 


This year I didn't want to spend as much time looking back at 2016, but just get a general view of what's unfolded.  That's all I really need to set out some general intentions for the year as I dive into setting some goals with soul later this week.


I spent three minutes on each of the following points:

Write a list of highlights from the last year.

What didn't work in 2016?

What did work in 2016?


After completing each of those lists, I took a look at themes, common threads, similarities.  What keeps coming up?  After seeing what some of those were, it allowed me to focus in on some general intentions for 2017.  What does the year look like if it's full of things that work?


Purge. Reflect. Focus.


Here are the results...


Write a list of highlights from the last year:

Being with Mom after her surgery

Being with my Grandma for her brother's funeral

Moving my desk

Leaving my job (Free to go...)

My first workshop


BFF. (dancing, laughter, deep conversation, occasional disagreement, all of it so much fun)

Swimming in the ocean on Molokai after the waterfall hike (just what I imagined Hawaii would be like)

New Moon Temple

Kirtan in Ubud

Bar stools

That day in Dogo Onsen

The old man on the platform in Shikoku (lessons in presence)

Kindness of strangers in rural Japan

Conference in Seattle (felt good to be surrounded by my kind of people)

Rina. Always.


What didn't work?

Inconsistent morning practice

Not enough movement, walks with the kid, yoga, anything that gets my body going

Food...too much of what doesn't jive, too few greens

Bringing home stress from work...leave it at the door

Saving bucks

A few friendships that take too much of my energy

Too much of __


What did work?

Taking solo time away

Writing consistently

My altar


More time with my people

Leaving things I'm pushing against

That physio who realigned my body

Going through my closet

New space for my desk

Reading more



Getting up early to do my morning practice

Focus wheels...get me focused on what's making its way to me

Being close to Mom and Dad

Adventure trips


So what does my list of highlights say about 2016 and about me?


Small tribe equals intimacy

Angels everywhere

Change creates space (and vice versa...)

My spiritual practice fuels me...


If I take all of this information, what do I need to do so that 2017 is full of stuff that works? Without getting too specific, here's where I want my attention to go, so that energy flows...

Grow deeper into my spiritual practice...because it will always lift me up, or hold me down...depending on what I need. Devotion.

Make space to create...and let it flow. Breath.

Adventure. Because life lessons and growth.

Belief.  In myself and the Goddess Crew. Light and love.

Stay open to people, conversations, ideas and opportunities.

Move...move...move...in a way that pleases me, my body, my spirit. Movement = momentum.

Both my chosen and biological families. More love, more laughter, more listening.


The next step for me is to do my annual review of my CDFs.  I suspect that I'll continue to work with most of the ones I identified last year at this time.  How I think and feel into those five words has changed over the last 12 months.  I feel closer and more in tune with what they mean for me and how I want to manifest them in my life.  I am clearer on what's working and what's not working as it relates to each one.  And we've become good friends since 2015.  I have a lot planned for 2017 and I'm going to really need them to guide me and push me along.


Thank you 2016 for the lessons, the laughter, the adventure, the beginnings, the endings, the love. xo

Jennie Alexis