what’s the greatest lesson a woman should learn?

that since day one. she’s already had everything she needs within herself. it’s the world that convinced her she did not.
— rupi kaur

There is a power and magic that takes place when you make the choice to invest time and energy into your own healing, your own journey, your own goals and dreams, your Self.

The Sacred Self sessions are designed to help you move through a block or challenge, view life through a different lens + explore ways to approach your own healing.

You will be encouraged to connect with your own wisdom + knowing. You will be guided + gently provoked towards elevating yourSelf.

Each session will differ and will draw upon a selection of knowledge, tools + healing practices.

What is included:

90 minute call to explore where you are + dive into practices to begin your next step.

Follow-up email with notes + link to call recording.

The Details:

In-person conversations take place over Zoom video conferencing. All calls are recorded for your convenience.

Sessions may be rescheduled with 24 hours notice. Refunds cannot be applied to workshops, sessions or programs. 

exchange $180

Have questions or need assistance in registering? Please reach out to me directly at info@thisisjenniealexis.com