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You deserve to not only live a life that looks good from the outside, but one that fulfills you from the inside. You deserve to feel connected to yourself, your family and your community. You deserve to be and live in alignment with your highest Self. You deserve magic and miracles. You deserve to feel Sacred.

You are a seeker, a leader, a question asker. You are curious and open. You are driven by a desire for more knowledge, more love, more joy. You show up for everyone in your life.

And now, it's time to show up for yourSelf. You are ready to experience how tiny acts of ritual will shift your experience and ultimately your life.

I'm Jennie and over the last few years I have explored the power of ritual and ceremony through daily experience.

My own practice includes an exploration of mysticism, Shamanism, earth medicine, crystals, essential oils, movement and Kundalini yoga.

Simple, daily acts of ritual have changed the way I show up for mySelf, my family and my community.

I am here to guide you as you remember your divine power.

It's time to reclaim your life by remembering your wisdom + sacred power.


Love + Testimonials

Jennie has a soft, grounding energy and her passion for this work shines brightI walked away from our circle feeling recharged and lifted, reminded that anything and everything is possible. Jennie has many powerful gifts to share as a facilitator and sacred space holder.
-Mishka M.

Amazing and very inspiring. This workshop was much more than I expected because of Jennie's skilled facilitation and thoughtful personal touches. This experience allowed me to remember how powerful intention and clarity are for living my best life.
-Lora M.

Jennie created a beautiful, sacred space for us to do this deep work. The delightfully mystical + pragmatic ingredients made for a memorable experience that was uplifting and offered very practical ways to move forward.
-Jasmin D.

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